Monday, 27 September 2010


When my Parents were incredibly busy designing and making their own house, my Mum would spend hours making cushions. There were decisions to be made and walls to be built in this enormous house, but Mum was still to be found making perfect, matching cushions for an unfinished- and if Im truly honest barely started house.

I never really understood the logic in this, although my parents have always been delightfully eccentric (who else would contemplate building themselves a 5 bedroom house to retire into?) But making cushions for a plot of land?

I now understand. There were so many big decisions to be made that Mum held onto something that she could do. The cushions were simple to start and finish and although it drove us all totally bonkers, gave her a sense of accomplishment and control.

I am now sitting at home with enough 'to do' lists to make a fat book I really dont know where to start.  I had no idea when I decided to go to the world championships that there would be so much to organise. Bike on plane, ride a bike, fly home - job done. Oh how I underestimated it!

 I have been planning this trip to Australia since May and all I have really achieved is the successful making of more lists. There in lies the problem. The lists are so long that I dont know where to start- so I make a new list. List making is my new hobby. List making puts off the task of actually doing anything on the list. But as long as I am making lists I can convince myself I am actually doing something! I am making metaphorical cushions! ( I am turning into my Mother?!)

I really need to do something on these lists otherwise I am never going to get to Australia with the right stuff to race. And worse than that, the kids and the kind relatives who are coming to look after them when I am gone are will all be clueless.

  I am going to start at number 1. and work my way down. Anything with an asterisk is urgent, anything with a ring around it, a priority and anything underlined has to be done quickly.

I am half tempted to make a new list to prioritise the priorities- but with only days before I fly its all urgent! I force myself away from the "cushions" and onto the important stuff.

Packing up bikes
 Like writing my blog??.....;-)

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