Friday, 8 October 2010

The day before the race

Epiphanies are few and far between in my busy life but at the top of mount stromlo on my third practice lap in the warm evening sunshine I stopped my bike and took in the immense view and saw things slightly slightly differently.
 Spinning legs up a long long climb is particularly therapeutic in a medative sort of way . Keeping my mind switched on and busy during a 24 hour race is how I keep physical pain to a minimum and my legs working. As I peddled up that first climb my mind meandered onto the previous years events on how I got here- yes it really is a long climb!!

 I was thinking back  to my sons school speech day this year which was particularly painful. Trying to clap enthusiastically for over 3 hours as boys of gradually increasing size, hair length and swagger walked up to receive their prizes.
I was ready to slide off my chair with boredom until the invited speaker did the final address. His speech went something like this

" I am fully aware that the only thing that lies between being here and the summer holidays is me , so I shall keep it brief. Well done to everyone who has got a prize, but to the boys who have not, success is not everything.  Success is transient, it means nothing. It it is the relationships we make along the way to success which are long lasting and far more meaningful" What a cracking speech!

It reniforced my belief that it is the journey not the destination.

Tomorrow is the world championships and I feel a bit sick with nerves and excitement.
My bike is prepped, I have bought all the strange things to eat that I might crave over the next 24 hours ( tinned man size super chunky chicken stew, instant mash potato, rice pudding , pork pie, jelly beans...) My Natterbox team kit is neatly folded ready to put on. There is nothing left to do except go to bed.

 Just one last glance at my bike before I turn in, and I see my race number on the bars. Apart form the fact that it has my age on it ,  (Grr!) It also has my Name and the Unoin Jack next to it.  How cool is that!!

I have loved the journey to the world championships because I have met some amazing people and been given kindness at every junction. Thank you

For me this has to be the lasting memory of the road to canberra.

 The race tomorrow will be the biggest challenge  - I feel really proud to be racing on the same circuit as the worlds best.

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