Wednesday, 4 May 2011

It doesnt rain ... it pours

If it were April the first, this would have been a mighty fine joke. 
Guess which days I am due to be riding a 24 hour solo race? 
Thats right , 24 hours of exposure- the European and UK Championships are to be held on Saturday and Sunday in the mountains of Scotland. 24 hours of riding in weather that would normally make you say "forget it, Im staying indoors"

Newcastleton, Scottish Borders

Closethe Newcastleton, Scottish Borders box
DayWeatherMax. DayTemperature
Min. NightTemperature
Wind Direction and Speed
Wed Day weather
167South Easterly647%1021mbExcellentMore info for Wednesday's weather
Thu Day weather
Light Rain
Light Rain
1411South South Easterly773%1016mbGoodMore info for Thursday's weather
Fri Day weather
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm
1610South South Easterly1371%1012mbGoodMore info for Friday's weather
Sat Day weather
Thundery Shower
Thundery Shower
2010South Easterly1471%1006mbVery goodMore info for Saturday's weather
Sun Day weather
Hail Shower
Hail Shower
1910Southerly2456%1008mbVery good
Presuming this is not a joke, I had better go and rethink my packing strategy!

 I have never had to choose which tyre and bike choice is suitable for hail....and which bike and clothing options are least likely to get me struck by lightening? Bonkers!

I had thought I was well prepared......

My training program From Kate Potter at AQR coaching has been brilliant. As well as 'normal ' training for strength, skills and endurance she has customised it for me and my goal - cycling at this 24 hour championships. 

I have been turbo training at 3 in the morning, practicing bike mechanics at midnight, inventing obstacle courses to improve my balance and forcing myself to cycle more than I thought I could.

 I  am confident I that I have put lots of effort into preparing for this race. 

And then I read the weather forecast!

It just goes to show, you can plan all you like, train until you have worn bald patches on your gloves, shoes and tyres but you can never truly prepare for everything. Being able to ride for 24 hours in storms requires a huge amount of inner strength,  determination and a sense of humour ( not to mention industrial quantities of break pads) 

 If Kate had asked me to prepare for hail storms by riding on the turbo while the kids shot at me with ice balls through their pea shooters I might have raised an eyebrow. Then thought , heck why not - it will be a giggle. 

So I am going to use the same light hearted approach to the weekend- I've never ridden in hail before, it will a laugh- (perhaps more so afterwards) - we are all in it together and it will be a memory I wont forget!

Luckily I love weather, and strangely feel quite excited at the prospect of cycling in a hail storm.

 I am really looking forward to my first race riding for COTIC/AQR holidays, the team comradery is awesome and the support from Ian and Kate during the race will be amazing. !I

If you want to keep up with news of the race The pit crew will be tweeting from my account:


Wish me luck  and waterproofing that works!!

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