Friday, 26 April 2013

Boat Shoes have their uses

Yesterday the sun came out briefly and in a brave moment my coach declared that today was the day I was going to start paddling without my boat shoes.
Im pretty fond of my boat shoes and needed a lot of convincing. - at less than £15 they provided an amazing number of benefits/pound.
My trusty boat shoes
They made me feel really secure in the kayak,  not only did they take up space jamming my feet into the cockpit they also seemed to even out the sensation differences  between my feet making it easier to put even pressure through the foot plate as I paddled. They also kept my feet toasty warm all winter! But now it was officially summer and the boat shoes had to go.
"Did you see any of the GB paddlers wearing boat shoes at the National regatta?" No - but none of the GB paddlers have wonky feet either!
It was no use- Claire was adamant that the boat shoes added no benefit - for one I couldn't steer with them on.  With out the boat shoes I would eventually learn to connect better with the boat.

I felt very disloyal and sad leaving my trusty boat shoes at the side of the river as I paddled off. Claire had said they had no I paddled I began thinking of what my boat shoes could do once retired from my feet.
So here are a few ideas for alternative uses for my boat shoes, proving that they still have lots of benefits - though maybe not in my boat.

Amazing pet hair remover from carpets and upholstery

Mashing potatoes was never this easy- or fun

Keeping those beer bottles cool on a hot summers day

A very satisfying fly swatter- it makes a great noise!

No more stinky trainers from Simon. Just sprinkle tea tree oil over boat shoe and insert
A nifty little hair straightener holder preventing accidental carpet singes

No more searching around the bottom of the bath for my soap- yes it floats!

The cat thought it made an interesting water bowl

A coaster to add intrigue to any afternoon tea party
Any other ideas greatfully received, anything to keep my boat shoes off my feet!

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