Monday, 9 September 2013

My first season done!

My first season as a GB paracanoeist comes to an end. Its been a manic year full of amazing adventures, new friends and incredible challenges. Here are a few stats to summarise my year. 

Weight lifted in the gym - probably a small heard of elephants - not bad for someone who hated gyms

Meat eaten - probably a small heard of elephants - not bad for an ex vegetarian. 

Blisters -  yes, all the time. 

Capsizes -  8 (all during the winter!) and yes I got back in and continued the training sessions in wet kit with chattering teeth.

Weight lost - 3kg

Inches lost on lower body - 5

Inches gained on upper body - 6 

Miles driven to and from training - over 30,000 On the plus side I now know all the sneaky routs around the M25 to avoid traffic jams! 

Times we have paddled past a coffee shop or a pub during training - 312

Times we have stopped for a coffee or a pint -  0! So different from cycling!!

Nights I've dreamt of paddling - 364

Times I've accidentally hit Simon in the face while dreaming of paddling - 2

Times I've been so sore after training I can't even lift the kettle - lost count.

Training sessions missed - 6 (snow, injury and 1 overslept -sorry coach!)

Alcohol consumed -1 cocktail at a party last November (see above, sorry coach!)

Training sessions done in a blizzard, howling gale or minus temperatures - Ive blanked that bit out!

Hours spent training - more than 3,285

Minutes spent racing - less than 9

Races lost -1

Medals won 2 - Gold at the Europeans and Silver at the Worlds.

All in all a pretty cool year and I cant wait to get back into training for next season - Better never stops!

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